March 22, 2014

The Conclusion of Josh vs. Fear of Flying

One of the most popular posts I’ve ever put on this blog was my post dealing with my fear of flying.  It’s of course an odd post to have on a travel blog as you assume all chronic travelers have no serious issues with flying.  Surprisingly though, I’ve read posts by many of my favorite [...]

March 17, 2014

Music Monday: Ray Davies, Over My Head

Today’s song by Ray Davies (lead singer of The Kinks) is one of my all-time favorites with those quintessential backpacker themes of cutting loose from all the ties that have been holding you back. Didn’t know you were close to breakin’ So you thought it should end Left it all for a new location So [...]

March 15, 2014

Photo Essay: Kuala Lumpur

I’m not sure what I expected when I visited Kuala Lumpur, but what I got was definitely not what I expected.  The city was super-modern with little enclaves of more traditional culture.  I left KL knowing I had missed the best parts, but not sure entirely how to find those best parts.  It’s not a [...]

February 13, 2014

Photo Essay: The Streets of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai was a city I fell madly in love with.  In the travel blogging circles, it’s rather famous for bloggers crashing there for a couple months while they catch up on their writing.  Why?  The food’s awesome.  The people are similarly awesome.  The cost is ridiculously low.  My guest house gave me a private [...]

February 3, 2014

Testing My Thai Cooking Skills in Chiang Mai

When I started planning my trip to Chiang Mai, one of the first things I knew I had to do was a cooking class.  Unlike many of the people in the class, I regularly cook Thai food so I didn’t come to this as an amateur.  When I recently had a group of friends over [...]

January 25, 2014

Cuddling With the Kitties at Tiger Kingdom

I’ve taken a lot of crap from my friends through the years for being a huge cat lover.  No matter where I go, the cats find me and I find them.  Personally, I think cats are the best.  Although I love dogs, I like that you have to have some basic instincts for dealing with [...]

January 24, 2014

New Year Update

I’m writing this post on the high speed rail from my home in Tainan City, Tainan to Taipei.  Tomorrow I’ll be flying into Chiang Mai, Thailand at the beginning of my winter break.  One of the big adjustments to teaching in Taiwan is that there’s no week off at Thanksgiving (obviously) and there’s no two [...]

January 13, 2014

Music Monday: Willie Nelson, On The Road Again

This is definitely one of the more obvious travel songs, but also one of the best.  I’m a week out from being on the road again and when I’m coming up on new travels, this is the song that always goes through my head. On the road again Goin’ places that I’ve never been Seein’ [...]

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